If you or your small business or organization are looking into having a website designed, please take a moment to look around my website.  BZ Web Design is a one person operation and I will be dedicated to designing you a unique, attractive, functional and affordable website.

There is an endless number of choices you have when choosing a website designer.  My portfolio is still in the growing stages, and my expertise in some areas may be limited, but I hope you'll see that BZ Web Design can be a great way for you to get the website appearance and functionality you desire, while not spending a fortune doing it.


So you're telling me you already have a website....

Many small businesses can greatly improve their online presence simply by having their current website and online image redesigned.  Many small business owners are quick to say, "I've already got a website."  The problem is there are many very ordinary, simple, and completely unappealing websites.  Most people with websites like those end up second guessing their decision to even have a website and they wonder why their website is not helping them.


First impressions are critical

It is said that it takes about 1/20th of a second for someone to form a first impression of a website.  If your current website and online image is lacking impact, originality, and an attractive appearance, you could actually be hurting yourself by having a website that people aren't even looking at because it is unappealing in some way.

BZ Web Design will help you make that first impression by designing a website aimed at keeping your website visitors on your website for much, much longer than that 1/20th of second (the rest is up to you and the quality of what you're selling or the information you're sharing on your website).


What BZ Web Design can do for you

I offer website design services and website maintenance, along with many other design services.  I do not host your website, but I will help you by giving you very affordable options and find a hosting plan that will meet the requirements of your website.  I also can help you by designing logos and many other items that you need designed for use with your business or organization.

The process is extremely simple too.  First, take a look around my website and definitely look at some of the other websites I've designed on my Portfolio page.  If you're still interested or even if you have questions, just send me an e-mail at derek@bzwebdesign.com.  If you don't have a website and need an entire site put together, I will start by getting some basic information from you including what your online goals are, what your business or organization is all about, and a few other basic details.  If you already have a website, I can definitely look it over and it may be that you just need a little bit of help in making it look and function better.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this basic information.  Again, if you're interested in getting some help with your website design or if you have any questions, simply send me an e-mail at derek@bzwebdesign.com.



Please visit my Portfolio page to read more details about all of my website designs.


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